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At about pharmacists committee

SigmaSanté is a non-profit corporation under the Act respecting health services and social services. Since 1994, SigmaSanté has managed the joint negotiation of goods and services acquired by health and social services institutions in Montreal and Laval. In 2009-2010, SigmaSanté negotiated 363 agreements with 215 separate suppliers, for a total value of $ 818 million. As for the drug agreement, it has 70 separate suppliers for an annual value of $ 250 million.

For many goods and services agreements, SigmaSanté uses a representative user committee from the health network. In the case of the drug agreement and the centralized distribution agreement, the users’ committee is called the “Pharmacists Committee” and is composed of 12 heads of pharmacy departments elected by the regional tables of heads of pharmacy departments. regions of Montreal, Laval and Estrie.

The mandate of the Pharmacists Committee is to ensure the proper functioning of the agreement, from planning to implementation.

Given the issue of drug supply disruptions on the Canadian scene, the Pharmacists Committee has supported the establishment of a website to adequately inform its members and other stakeholders to prevent or better manage active disruptions, in collaboration with the Research Unit in Pharmaceutical Practice at CHU Sainte-Justine.

On 1 st April 2011, the members of the Committee pharmacists are:

You can join SigmaSanté’s advisor on drug and centralized distribution agreements by contacting Sylvie Boudreau at 514.376.5600 extension 256 or by email at .