How to Make a Martini

The martini is a very popular cocktail drink, perhaps even made popular by the fictional spy character, James Bond. James Bond’s fondness of the martini as portrayed in many of his movies is further livened up by his preference of ‘shake not stirred.’  For this reason, it is not strange or even uncommon to say that many martini drinkers have been introduced to the martini cocktail this way.

If ever you are not familiar with the martini, then you should know that the martini is one of the oldest surviving cocktail drinks around. In fact, the cocktail is nearly 150 years old and that it is still very much popular today as it did when it was first concocted.  The martini is also the preferred drink of choice not just by James Bond, but also by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and popular singer and actor Frank Sinatra.

The martini is made using gin and vermouth along with a garnish of either olive or lemon twist.  There are other variations of the martini, but still, the most popular is the original as well as the vodka variation.  The vodka variation is the one ordered by James Bond due to his request of ‘shaken not stirred.’  If you were to do this using gin, the gin will bruise, thus making it unpleasant to drink.

How to make a martini minhas very popular is that it is a very elegant drink to look at.  Possibly the best trait you can say about the martini is that it can be enjoyed by both genders as the cocktail drink is non-gender specific. The martini is without doubt one of the perfect drinks as it can be taken regardless of season, weather, or climate.  What is good about the martini is that it is very easy to prepare.  As long as you have the ingredients, you will have no trouble preparing the drink.

How to Make a Martini:

3 oz. Gin
1 oz. Vermouth
Olive, Lemon Peel, or Lemon Twistmartiniminhas

Cocktail shaker
Mixing Glass
Martini Glass

To make the martini, get a chilled cocktail shaker and put some ice inside it.  Pour in an ounce of vermouth inside.  Whirl the contents and strain it inside a mixing glass.  Now pour in three ounces of gin inside the cocktail shaker.  Again, give the contents a whirl and then strain and empty it into the mixing glass with the vermouth.  Mix the contents of the mixing glass and then pour it inside a martini glass.  Garnish the cocktail with an olive.  Enjoy.

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